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Athena: Where Your Child's Potential Radiates to Brilliance

Welcome to Athena Shadow Support Services, a sanctuary of support for children with special needs in Singapore. With a rich tapestry of experience collaborating closely with various international schools, we understand the profound impact tailored assistance can have on a child's journey to success. Every child possesses an extraordinary potential waiting to be unlocked, and we are here to facilitate that journey.

Our belief in every child's innate brilliance drives us to provide bespoke support services that extend beyond academics. We recognize that growth transcends the classroom, and our experienced team is dedicated to nurturing your child's confidence and skills. From specialized academic guidance to fostering social development, we are committed to empowering your child to not just excel in school, but to flourish in every facet of life.

Led by our founder and director, along with our dedicated case manager, our team boasts an extensive background in the industry, stemming from their experiences as shadow support teachers. Their work has spanned across a range of institutions, including well-known names like the German European School Singapore (GESS), Anglo-Chinese School, and more.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

At Athena Shadow Support Services, our mission is rooted in the firm belief that every child, regardless of their challenges, deserves the opportunity to flourish. With a wealth of experience collaborating with various international schools in Singapore, we are driven by a relentless commitment to provide unparalleled support to children with special needs. Our mission is to empower these young minds not only academically, but also socially, fostering an environment where they can truly thrive.

Our Vision

Our vision at Athena Shadow Support Services is to illuminate a path toward boundless possibilities for every child under our care. Through our tailored support services, we envision a world where each child's unique abilities are nurtured and celebrated. By leveraging our extensive experience working with international schools in Singapore, we aspire to become the beacon of hope and transformation, guiding children with special needs to unlock their full potential. Our vision is to create a society where inclusivity and empowerment pave the way for a brighter future for all.

Our Founder's Message

As the director of Athena Shadow Support, I hold the educational aspirations of each child close to my heart. My personal journey as a parent to a neurodivergent child has given me a profound understanding of the obstacles that can arise on the path to creating a nurturing and successful educational experience. I want to assure you that both our dedicated case manager and I are unwaveringly dedicated to ensuring that your child's needs are not just met but celebrated with comprehensive support.

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Why Choose us?

Personalized Empowerment

  • Tailored Excellence

  • Individualized Guidance

  • Unique Support

Expertise in Action

  • Proven Success

  • Experienced Team

  • Passionate Professionals

Comprehensive Holistic Growth

  • Confidence Building

  • Life Skills

  • Balanced Development

Transformative Results

  • Remarkable Progress

  • Empowered Futures

  • Effective Approach

Join us on this transformative journey as we partner with you to illuminate the path to your child's brightest future. With Athena Shadow Support Services, your child's potential knows no limits.

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