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P1 School Readiness Programme in Singapore

P1 School Readiness Programme in Singapore

Our P1 School Readiness Programme in Singapore is meticulously crafted to equip young learners with the skills and confidence they need to grow academically and socially.

What is P1 School Readiness Programme?

Preparing for primary school entry is an important milestone for every child.


The P1 School Readiness Programme at Athena Shadow Support is a comprehensive preparatory course designed to support students in Singapore as they get started for their mainstream schooling. With a focus on literacy and numeracy, our programme instills foundational skills that are quite imperative for success in primary school.

Child doing homework and getting ready for school

Why is P1 School Readiness Important?

Early intervention and preparation are key factors that takes care of a child's smooth transition to primary school. With our P1 School Readiness Programme, students gain the confidence and competence needed that grow them academically, fostering a positive attitude towards learning from the outset.

Benefits of P1 School Readiness Programme

Strong Foundation

Our programme focuses on building a solid foundation in literacy and numeracy, setting students up for long-term academic success.

Confidence Boost

With engaging activities and personalized support, students develop the confidence to tackle new challenges in the classroom and beyond

Smooth Transition

By familiarizing students with primary school expectations and routines, we ease the transition process, reducing anxiety and promoting a positive school experience.

Holistic Development

Beyond academic skills, our programme also emphasizes social and emotional development, equipping students with essential life skills for their journey ahead.

Who is it for?


Enrolling in our P1 School Readiness Programme is simple. Classes are conveniently scheduled to accommodate busy family schedules, with options available throughout the year.


Our experienced educators utilize research-based teaching methods and age-appropriate resources to create a stimulating learning environment.


With multiple locations across Singapore, finding a centre near you is easy.

Join Us Today!

Enroll your child now to introduce them to the skills and confidence they need to excel in their primary school. Our P1 School Readiness Programme promises a comprehensive course leading to academic excellence and personal growth. 

Connect with us to learn more about our programmes now.


Secure your child’s spot today!

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