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Shadow Support at School

Step into a World of Support and Success

Our Shadow Support at Schools in Singapore is a tailored assistance service designed to accompany children with special needs within their school environment. Our skilled shadows become a friendly presence, ensuring your child's academic and social triumphs.


In the bustling school environment, children with special needs might need an extra layer of personalized attention to excel. Our shadows offer real-time assistance, helping your child stay engaged with class instructions, adapt to the curriculum, and smoothly navigate social interactions.

Shadow Support at Home

Learning Beyond the Classroom, Embracing Comfort

Our Shadow Support at Home service extends our commitment beyond school walls. Our trained professionals provide personalized assistance within the comfort of your home environment, aligning with your child's individualized education plan.

Why is Shadow Support at Home Needed?

Learning doesn't stop when the school day ends. With Shadow Support at Home, your child can continue to progress, practicing skills and building confidence in their familiar surroundings.

Advantages of Shadow Support



Unlock Your Child's Potential with Athena's Shadow Support Today! Let's embark on a journey of boundless possibilities together.

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